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"This is a wonderful place to be. Lovely people to deal with and wonderful results from the treatments. Highly recommended!" Donita Boothe 

"It's not only I who sees the difference, but my husband has really noticed, and is very pleased! Betsy W.

"Thank you Galia Baldridge of Access Wellness Center! Today I bought a size 6 skinny jean - FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE (and I'm 52 now). One hypnotherapy session rid sweets from my life forever, and two more sessions are going to take me to the World Poker Tour championship. Galia can help you with ANYTHING. She's the best!! Nancy G.

"I've tried everything before and nothing worked. After only 2 weight loss NLP/Hypnotherapy sessions now I'm down 14lbs in just 20 days and I feel great. The urge to snack is gone. No cravings for sweets. This really works! I don't have that urge to eat when I'm bored. It's being phenomenal. I am so happy and I feel amazing! It's awesome!" Renee H.

​"Dear Galia, I wanted to say thank you so much for all you have done for me; I have to highly recommend the Access Wellness Center because I believe they saved my life. I have been a long term smoker for over 40 years and it has taken a toll on my lungs ( I am on oxygen 24/7). It's not that I don't want to quit but I have failed each time I tried. I have tried every quit-smoking plan that has hit the market from patches to electronic cigarettes and I have failed each time. My friend suggested that we go and quit together at the Access Wellness Center. I did not hold out much hope because I had failed so many times but I tried again. I am glad I did. the day I walked in Galia almost called 911 because my breathing was so bad however it calmed down enough to receive a treatment. When I walked out I did not realize I was a non-smoker until the day wore on. To my amazement I did not smoke all week. I went back to Access Wellness Center for the next treatment and my breathing had improved a little. In the past when I had some success I would fail as so as I encountered any stress. After my second appointment I encountered that stress and it was very extreme stress, the kind that sends you running to the store for cigarett take es. I didn't! I could not believe it, I was standing there shaking and crying but not smoking. That stressful situation lasted for 2 months yet I did not turn to cigarettes. I am finally free from smoking and I am grateful to Access Wellness Center for getting me there. I am so impressed that I will be back to improve other aspects of my life." Valerie Rogan

"An extra benefit I received was being able to stand up after sitting at work all day and having no pain in my hips and thighs. The process helped relieve my connective tissues and that was worth it if nothing else happened, but it did. I can already see results in my eye lids and stomach in just a few treatments. I'm very happy with my new me!!!" Patti Clarke

"The scar removal is amazing! It is at least 50% reduced in that one session! Thomas W.

"I first heard about Access Wellness Center through work. I was asked to check it out for an advertising campaign, to see if it's something I would endorse. I opted for the Endermolift facial treatment. After ONE visit, there was a noticable difference. Already wrinkles were diminished. Now, the puffiness around my eyes is gone...what wrinkles are left are dramatically skin is firmer, and brighter, and as a result..I feel terrific. The staff is wonderful, they feel like family to me. I'm going back for more treatments. This time for the body :) Access Wellness Center is one of the great finds of my life, and I plan on a long and happy relationship with them!" Jane Shannon

"I had severe fibromyalgia pain and muscle soreness. My attempts at doing yoga and pilates were not helping me. Ever since I started the lipomassage I am pretty much pain free and don't feel soreness in my muscles. This has helped me to get in some exercises that I am increasing gradually." A.S.

"These are natural spa treatments which I approve of. Staff takes time to explain the procedures & take great care of their clients. I have recommended Access Wellness to friends!" Gena A.

"The service and people are so superior that I travel from Burien, WA to Bellevue for their services. I have been a patron for more than 2 years and I love it." Yvonne Harris

"Can tell the difference in my skin tone in only 2 sessions. Skin feels great!" Lorry S.

"I definitely have noticed a visible difference with regular LPG sessions and customized facial treatments designed for my skin. My skin is noticeably tighter and less jowls than I have had before. I have also received compliments on the visible improvements from friends, colleagues and family and have been happy to recommend the team: upbeat, friendly staff." Brian C.

​"Before my treatments I had the dreaded muffin top. After four Lipomassage treatments I noticed that my mid section is a lot firmer and no more back and sides hanging out of my jeans!" Randi Buza

“I have had fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for at least 15 years. I have had 3 endermologie treatments and feel so much better. I feel I have more energy and less pain. Mary, the technician that worked on me is wonderful. Access Wellness Center is a great facility, very clean and inviting. I plan on coming back for many more holistic treatments.” N. Tibbs

"My very first treatment was amazing. I felt excellent and saw improvement right away and my body felt so smooth." Angela Colbert

"My experience at Access Wellness has been nothing short of spectacular. The staff is kind, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. The results that I experienced from my sessions of Endermolift are unbelievable! My face is firmer, my wrinkles around my eyes are radically diminished and my skin is radiant. My Self confidence is at an all time high! I feel comfortable without make up now!" Autumn Nelson

"Thank-you Access Wellness! I really enjoyed your anti-age treatments; they actually put me to sleep they're so relaxing. Removing my double chin and the eye lift took years off of my face - all my friends tell me that I look younger every time they see me! You're my little secrete. " Robert G.

 "I am thrilled with how easy, painless and effective the Endermologie treatments were in tightening the excess skin on my neck and deflating my love handles. Diet and exercise didn't help much but a few of your treatments made a real difference in my appearance. I highly recommend Access Wellness Center to everyone." Paul S.

"I was seriously considering surgery or laser treatments before I found you and your new LPG equipment. I admit I was skeptical at first but you've made me a believer. It's amazing how much better I look and feel about myself now; My flabby arms are next!" Jane B.

"I'm a workout addict with a healthy lifestyle that did not think spot reducing was possible without liposuction but you proved me wrong! Your natural and non-invasive treatments took care of my inner thigh fat painlessly. I recommend you. Thanks!" Robin R.

"I recommend Access Wellness Center and their Endermologie and Endermolift treatments to anyone that wants to look and feel better without surgery, drugs, injections, special diets or exercise programs. They improved my body shape and minimized my facial wrinkles without any bruising or pain. I love everyone at Access Wellness Center, they are friendly and professional...and their treatments work!" J. Christofer

"This is the one luxury I do for myself. Not only does it feel great but my wife says she see a real difference. The thing I notice is how much better my legs feel. I play a lot of tennis but after three knee operations I had to give up playing single & only would play doubles. After only five treatments my legs were feeling so much better that I've started playing singles again. The good thing about that is it allows me to play with my 22 year old son. So its giving me some high quality time with my son again." John J.

"I am so pleased with the results of my Lipomassage appointments. I have a slimmer body and much more confidence in public. My clothes fit better. I have experienced such kindness and feel so nurtured by the professional service and staff. Not only have I been able to achieve excellent body contouring but also have enjoyed the relaxing treatments which are stress reducing. Put in the time and commitment and you will see great results."- Jeanie G.

"Nice place and great staff. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Would highly recommend. Before I found out about Access Wellness Center, I was receiving invasive treatments that required downtime and the results weren't always what I had expected, so I feel lucky to have stumbled upon Access Wellness Center in Bellevue with their great staff. I am very happy with the improvements made with my aging skin." B. C.

" I was warmly welcomed and offered several options for facials and ended up having microdermabrasion and a facial. My skin looked beautiful afterwards." Jane G.

"The service is excellent and the treatments are effective." Carol R.

"Recent treatments I received at Access Wellness Center include endermologie face treatment followed by a collagen facial. Marina is always very pleasant and attentive. She makes sure that I'm comfortable and relaxed while she works magic on my skin. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed." Cynthia B.

"Very pleasant environment and super friendly and very professional personnel." Marian Kolbel

​"Exceptional service. Incredible immediate results that got even better within the folowing couple of days. I really loved hearing how "happy and rested" I looked!" Bren Stanko

"The staff is very friendly and efficient. The enrollment process was very easy and profitable when you purchase a package. The great part is if you choose a package, you can pay it on payments. It is so convenient to use. My face is so much younger looking after a treatment and I love it. Thank you so much!" Kim W.

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